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FPGA Services:

Andraka Consulting is an internationally recognized leader in high-performance DSP design for FPGAs. Digital Signal Processing using FPGAs has been our only business since 1994, longer than anyone else in the industry. Andraka’s rare combination of DSP algorithm design, computing hardware architecture, and extreme performance FPGA design skills consistently yield top-shelf designs with superior performance and density. Andraka has crafted well over 100 high-performance FPGA designs in Actel, Altera, Atmel, Lattice, and Xilinx FPGAs executing algorithms for radar, sonar, spacecraft instrumentation, software defined radio, medical imaging, communications, environment simulation, and other signal processing applications. Services offered include:

  • DSP Algorithms: Andraka tailors DSP algorithms to take maximum advantage of the FPGA’s internal architecture. This important step, often overlooked by others, is a key ingredient for efficient, high performance translation to an FPGA. Andraka’s unique skills assure the algorithm closely matches the capabilities of the FPGA for an efficient design. This often permits use of a smaller or slower device for real cost savings.
  • High Performance Design: Andraka has earned a reputation in the industry for extreme performance* FPGA designs. We tailor our designs to the architecture of the device and to the specific requirements of the project to attain the best possible design solution. Our techniques often allow use of a cheaper device, and can reduce the time required to place and route the FPGA.
  • Reconfigurable Computing: When appropriate, Andraka leverages the reconfigurable nature of certain FPGAs to time-share FPGA resources. As an early adopter of partial and complete reconfiguration as part of the design, We’ve learned how and when to take advantage of an FPGA’s reconfigurability to lower product life-cycle costs.
  • IP Cores: Andraka crafts custom design cores optimized for performance, area, and usability. Our advanced placement techniques embedded in the design guarantee performance and density of our cores when placed in your design. Place our verified core designs into your design to simplify development.
  • Design Tune-ups: Andraka polishes existing designs to improve performance and reduce resource utilization. Even undemanding designs can benefit from our performance tune-up techniques by allowing a smaller or slower device, and providing easier timing closure and consistent timing results across design iterations.
  • Design Translations: Andraka translates existing designs to FPGAs, making changes where needed to better fit the target architecture. We do conversions from ASICs, CPLDs and board level designs to FPGAs, and design ports between different FPGAs. We also translate software DSP designs and models (e.g. Matlab) to FPGAs
  • Design Verification and Analysis: Andraka leverages the latest technologies in computer aided design for digital systems. All of our designs undergo simulation and design analysis before release to assure success.
  • Independent Design Evaluations: Andraka offers independent third party evaluations of existing designs, rendering specific recommendations to improve FPGA function, performance, reliability, and testability.
  • Design Integration: Andraka thoroughly simulates our algorithms and designs and work with our clients to ensure a smooth integration of the electronics into their products. We assist with customer design integration efforts, or integrate the design into your hardware in our facility.

*Extreme performance designs are defined here as those designs that are limited by the component switching limits of the FPGA resources rather than by logic and routing delays).

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